Liam and me at Garcia Bend, Sacramento River, 2008

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Referral Went Through...

Yes, that first step is done. The referral went through and was greeted when I got home last night with a profoundly excited automaton imploring me call the UC Davis Department of Sports Medicine to set up an appointment. I'm gonna do that in about an hour.

On the other end, it seems that my hips are trading off on who's going to dish out the pain. This morning, it's the right hip. Again, a low-intensity burn that's just there. I want to take some NSAIDs, but also want to ration my use, knowing full well that things are bound to get worse.

Well, Liam's off to school in a few minutes and tomorrow's a big day for both of us. Friday's OUR day and I don't want it to be a flop because of the pain. The ZOO and ice cream are on the docket and you can bank 'em.

Times like this force one to seek solace anywhere. Apparently, this is not the disease of the couch potato. It's the province of the athletic and active - I can live with that. In the end, I just wanna lessen the impact that this whole thing has on my Li-Li.

UPDATE: Nothing like having to wait 30 days to see an expert when your hip's hurting. He's not even a surgeon. Okay, I shall sucketh-up and move on...

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