Liam and me at Garcia Bend, Sacramento River, 2008

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Ice in the Wickets...

Friday was an active day - vet for Sally, the grocery store, the zoo, Faerie Tale Town and ice cream. Based on how my groin area was feeling last weekend and during the week, I didn't expect to be able to pull that off.

What may have helped is ice. Between activities, we came home, read, watched Fireman Sam and I put ice between my legs! Yikes! Once you get through the first five minutes, it's not the bad. I left the bags on for about 20 minutes. After peeling them off, things were pretty numb, but the difference was also pretty apparent. It seemed to hold well through the rest of the day, which included FFT. I didn't even have to take any IBU. Very cool.

I've also decided to keep my March 15 appointment. If I can modify my activity and be smart with my self-treatment, then I think I can hold out till summer. That's when I'd expect/demand some orthopedic intervention. I truly don't think I'll have to demand it.

Anyway, it's so refreshing to not care about the little things. MU loses a heartbreaker to Pitt - eh, no biggy. I'm going to get Liam and Sally out now for a walk, avoiding hills where we can. I can think of someone who won't like that. :^)....

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